Monday, August 6, 2007

Last Day in Korea

I can't believe our time in Korea is coming to an end. We all leave tomorrow night for our respective destinations. The past few days have been absolutely packed, very little sleep, lots of traveling, filming, and meeting many people. It has also been probably the most emotionally intense, at least for me, and probably Jason. We have pretty big news, but I'll let Jason write about it. Will write more soon!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Today we went to the Korean Traditional Food Institute where Jason and I learned how to make Korean Rice Cakes (dduk/떡). It was so much fun, and it tasted delicious too (but everything was pretty much prepared for us, so don't expect us to make it for you!) and we learned a few interesting things about Korean digestion vs. Western digestion, according to the head chef.

Later that day, we went to the first IKAA gathering at the Gwan Mun Sa Temple. We had a wonderful meal, followed by a number of traditional Korean performances. I have seen and heard the dances and songs of so many other cultures, but from my memory I don't remember ever seeing a traditional Korean performance like tonight. I loved all the performances, but I must say my favorite was their closing number - the Dance of the Buddha, that recreates the birth of Buddha. It was beautiful.

Photo of the Day

An ordinary day for Jason and I on the subway.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wol Mi Do

We met Jason's birth mother for the second time yesterday. It was such a surreal experience. And so different because we weren't within an office space like the first time. It was much more personal, and for me it was just like hanging out with my boyfriend's birth mother for a day. I won't describe all that I felt because it was just so much that happened, but anyways the film will show that.

The longer I have been here, the more seriously I think about living in Korea for a year or so to study the language and get a part time job. I haven't even brought it up to my parents yet, but they'll be visiting Korea in a few days, so I'll tell them then. But it's always been kind of a touchy subject, for certain reasons, so we'll see..

And I apologize if I haven't been responsive to facebook messages or emails, I have read them all and it makes me so happy to know that all of you are reading this and thinking of us. It gives us the determination and will to make this documentary the best it can be, and encourages us to continue to update the blog, website, and photo album - which I did upload new photos to, but I messed up and uploaded it under another username. Does anyone know if it's possible to copy entire albums from one username to another? I would just re-upload it again, but it took me like an hour last time to look through all the photos between myself, AJ and Matt. But I welcome any suggestions, if not I will be updating it anyways but it is hard to find time.

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Photo of the day

Jason and I at the SuWon Fortress Palace