Thursday, June 21, 2007

ThirdCat on Blogger!

ThirdCat Productions now has a blog!

This is for more informal updates on the process of the documentary, on our personal thoughts and feelings about making this film.

I recently came back home to Hong Kong, and will begin some production here, gathering some BROLL shots of Hong Kong, and interactions and conversations with my family, on their thoughts about the documentary.

While we were both in NYC, we met with Hollee McGinnis, who opened our eyes and minds to what we should be prepared for in Korea, and with our amazing contact at Spence-Chapin who has been the driving force in contacting Jason's birth family.

Now that I've left NYC, it's posed a challenge that I underestimated - after constantly being with Jason, whenever there's been a need to film, we have worked as a determined team. Either I'll handle the camera and shoot him in his daily interactions or vice-versa, and we wouldn't have to worry about when or where or how we shot, because we trusted and relied on each other. But now that he's in NYC and I'm in Hong Kong, it's been a bit more challenging to film anything, especially as we act as camera operators but essentially we are the subjects as well.

Be sure to check out our official website: for more information about the documentary!

- Mikyung